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live and sans souci
by floatinghome (formerly aidan & the italian weather ladies)

available on hand-printed vinyl or cd with Love Your Artist (love-your-artist.de/index.php?cID=10732))

recorded live by aidan & the italian weather ladies at the sans souci social club, bruxelles in october 2009. www.floatinghome.org

-- vinyl version --

01. into the future
02. my little ole world
03. surrender
04. these words
05. west cork song
01. waves
02. ghost by neutral milk hotel
03. orphans (herons! featuring floatinghome)


released April 6, 2011

:: band ::
augustin dethier: drums / vox
fabrice bihain: flute / vox / acoustic & electric guitars / percussion
remy lehembre: bass / vox
ben kritikos: nylon gutar / vox
anna jacob: saxophone / vox / percussion
aidan: vox / nylon & electric guitars / clarinet / fx
simon bériaux is now an italian weather lady

:: rest ::
casa: nico / vins / elodie / fanny / arnaud / adrien
tom jacob: live sound
nico belayew (www.tchiktchak.be): design and artwork
corinne clarysse: extra design and bookbinding
recorded live by aidan at sans souci social club in october 2009
mixed by marcus wüst at kliene audeiowelt studios in germany

dictaphone recordings in waves were recorded at ara & elsa’s housewarming party in may 2009 « est-ce que t’es déjà tombé
amoureux ? »
additional gear was begged, borrowed and stolen from antoine wielemans and francois massau (www.demusica.be)



all rights reserved



floatinghome Berlin, Germany

Floatinghome is the brain-child of Irish singer / producer, Aidan. Based in Berlin and playing a folk-rock music with hints of Aidan's native Ireland creeping into the rythems, their sophomore album, "Dreams for Dreamers" is out now.
They have performed all over Europe, including support slots with Villagers, Get Well Soon, Anaïs Mitchell and Wallis Bird.
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Track Name: into the future (live)
and after the storm subsided
the land was scarred but we were alright
we found peace in the shade
looking out over the ashes we made
the sign of the cross
then turned, hand in hand and smiled
into the future

i had everything i needed right there
between my fingers
and your eyes, they smiled back

we headed out into the land of promise
armed with a knowledge of who we are
we never knew where we were going
but when we get there we'll know we're there
and we'll stay as long as we need to
then find each other once more

cause we are only tourists now
since our home went up in flames
and i remember every day
the life that fire claimed
...and it plagues me
...and it haunts me

and there you are reminding me we got through it
though my hands are empty now you're still by my side
i look to the heavens
and curse them but i thank them
for a love that's been misplaced
but is there all the same

i had everything i needed right there
between my fingers
and your eyes smiled back still
you're the flame that warms my heart
and from time to time
you light it up and remind me
how lucky i am
Track Name: my little ole world (live)
and i don't believe in capitalism
i shop with the underdog
i don't mind paying a little bit more
when i know it'll keep some colour in this world

and i don't believe in the media hype
which ravages my land
i believe in a world where quality reigns
not this easy world of easy bets
i'm gonna mould one with my own hands

and i don't believe in sueing
if you fall over you'll hurt yourself
that kind of shit breeds paranoia
and sucks the love right out of this place

and i don't believe in forever
but as long as i believe in you
this moment can go on and on
and we'll remain as happy as we are now

and i believe in that
yeah, i believe in now

and i don't believe in religion
and that priest is not my god
i may feel like shouting my sins to the world
but they're just between you and me

and i don't believe in my government
and i didn't invite them here
but i didn't invite anyone else either
so i gotta learn to live with them
or i gotta go and learn to live elsewhere

and i don't believe in taxes
and i don't ask for anything back
if you do something for me i'll pay you
but as you are, you don't support my life

and i don't believe in yesterdays
these things have come to pass
vengance will only breed hate tomorrow
and i don't even believe in that

no i believe in now
Track Name: surrender (live)
lazy days and sleepless nights
surrender yourself to the speed of this life
hundreds of miles moulded this song
time has stopped now
this distance feels wrong

and i remember you
stunning in this light
you turned your face to the sky
you're such a delight

the sand feels amazing in this heat
warmed by the sun, burns the soles of my feet
hundreds of minds moulded this week
we're all so alike, yet we're each so unique

and we all have language
yet so few of us can speak
but we're understood beyond words
through respect and belief

so place your hands on the canvas
i sense you have something to say
i have the time to listen
if you'll take the time to explain

the morning's still a lifetime away

...lazy days and sleepless nights
surrender yourself to this life
Track Name: these words (live)
come here, darling, i've been waiting for you
i've warmed your side of the bed
she sleeps on the right hand side

hold me, i want to feel you're there
i want to hear your voice before we drift away
and i'll sing for you

these words are for someone in this room
and you know who you are
the others left long ago
now yours are the only ears open
yours are the only eyes seeing
and i sing for you

and soon you'll go and travel the world
and i'm already moving
you're my heart's delight

hold me, i want to know you're there
i want to see your face before i lay down
each step brings us closer together

and these words are for someone in this room
and you know who you are
the others left long ago
now yours are the only eyes open
yours are the only ears hearing
and i sing (for you)

and i crave your warmth
(but you're so far away)
and i crave your warmth
(you're so far away)
these words are for you
(so far away)
bright eyed with intent

and they're the only eyes open
yours are the only ears hearing
you're the only one left with me in this song
Track Name: west cork song (live)
i am warmed by the memory of these magical days
and the people i shared them with lie close to my heart
we learned to nourish ourselves with laughter and harmony
i hope we can share another adventure together soon

everywhere i go and with everything i do
i learn something new
you are my teacher now

this is a land of opportunity in its most honest form
people come out here with an idea and nothing more
we could learn to make our own soup without any recipe
i crave her fruit and enjoy her beauty

everywhere i go and with everything i do
i learn something new
this is my classroom now

we arrive to bread fresh out of the oven
and an energy so warm it could have baked it on the floor
we each took an instrument and played into the night
and as i nodded off to sleep, i heard zoe stir

than was the most beautiful sound of the evening
it lulled me into a sweet sweet dreamy land
which i shared with you all until morning

everywhere i go and with everything i do
i learn something new
you are my teacher now
Track Name: waves (live)
the waves peel in one by one then stop
and the children in the cottage, by the window watch
sitting on the ocean, i swell up inside
as the sun sets over my shoulder
i glide on her crest and i ride down her side

the howling white horses break the silence in waves
gallop on by me then roll up the coast with such grace
one sings to me and i point to the east
and i feel her foot fall and i hear her call
then i'm sailing, riding the tide

i step off the side as she whispers to the evening's shore
swallows a castle of sand and then lays down to rest
the children laugh as their afternoon fades
to the sea, and i take my board and i ride into the night
with the warmth of peace and tranquility inside

dictaphone noise
("est-ce que t'es deja tomber en amoureux?")
Track Name: ghost (live)
for the 10 year anniversary of the release of neutral milk hotel's album, "in an airplane, over the sea", myself and a bunch of friends and fans of the record performed the album in its entirity in a bar in dublin - i sang this song. it's the kind of song that i wish i had written, and after having heard it, i knew that it no longer needed to be written, just played!
Track Name: orphans (live, herons! with floatinghome)
ben is one of the best songwriters i have ever heard. this, in my opinion, is one of his finest songs to date (2011). ben and i have been playing together in a number of different bands for a number of years. he is the musician that i'd say i know the best (musically speaking, that is) - we have a nice effortless synergy and harmony built up by playing together so often.
when we did the gig at the sans-souci social club, "herons!", ben's band, opened the evening. for the last song, the rest of the italian weather ladies joined in. i'm very pleased that this song sounded so good and that he let me put it on the album... i recommend buying the vinyl for a bunch of reasons: among them is this fine version of herons!' song orphans, which is not included on the cd version!

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