le grand discours

by floatinghome

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originally released in 2012 under the singer's name "aidan" by hazelwood and rough trade, the album came home in march 2019, so we have put it up for you all here :)


released March 16, 2012

aidan - vox / guitar / rhodes / clarinet+whistles / cello bass (04,06,09) / bass (10) / percussion (02,04,06) / vocoder+fx
alyanya massey - bv (07)
antoine wielemans - bass (03)
anna jacob - sax (03)
aoife o sullivan - bv (06)
augustin dethier - drums (01,03,05,09,10) / bv (05)
ben kritikos - guitar (01,05,11) / percussion (02,03) / noise (03) / bv (01,02,11)
brian roache - bv (01)
christine docq - bv (01,07)
christophe capewell - violin (01,07)
cian murphy - bass (02)
david mcguinness - bv (01)
fabrice bihain - flute (02,05,07,10) / bv (05)
francois massau - bv (03)
james guilmartin - percussion (02)
jenny lindfors - bv (02,11)
jenny woods - bv (01)
remy lehembre - bass (01) / double bass (05,07) / bv (05)
shelley buckspan - bv (01)
simon beriaux - bv (03,05)
valerie balligand - cello (07)
wallis bird - bv (06,07)
All songs written by Aidan.
Artwork by Nico Beleyew (tchiktchak.be).
Mixed and Mastered by Marcus Wüst at Kleine Audiowelt studios.
All the musicians improvised over the songs presented, or worked together with Aidan to arrange parts during the recording session.
Aidan plays Massau guitars.


all rights reserved



floatinghome Berlin, Germany

Floatinghome is the brain-child of Irish singer / producer, Aidan. Based in Berlin and playing a folk-rock music with hints of Aidan's native Ireland creeping into the rythems, their sophomore album, "Dreams for Dreamers" is out now.
They have performed all over Europe, including support slots with Villagers, Get Well Soon, Anaïs Mitchell and Wallis Bird.
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Track Name: into the future
and after the storm subsided
the land was scarred but we were alright
we found peace in the shade
looking out over the ashes

we made the sign of the cross
then turned, hand in hand and smiled into the future

i had everything i needed right there
between my fingers
and your eyes smiled back

we headed out into the land of promise
armed with a knowledge of who we are
we never knew where we were going
but when we get there we'll know we're there

and we'll stay as long as we need to
then find each other once more

cause we are only tourists now
since our home went up in flames
and i remember every day
the life that fire claimed

but there you are
reminding me we got through it
and though my hands are empty now
you're still by my side
and i look to the heavens
and i curse them and i thank them

for a love that's been misplaced
but is there all the same

i had everything i needed right there
between my fingers
and your eyes, they smile back
you're the flame that warms my heart

and from time to time
you light it up and remind me
how lucky i am
Track Name: nunca mais
scraping my nails down to the bone
picking up the mess of a world gone wrong
we are figures of purity
on an impure coast

this beach was declared "safe" this afternoon
but this evening we still need gas-masks and protective suits
tomorrow we'll watch their children playing
and picking oil from between their toes

i've been in spain now for a few nights and all i've learned to say
is "que coño" and "nunca máis"
There's something wrong when the helpers are knee-deep in oil and those who it affects
Sit watching doing nothing at all

The food destined for the volinteers
Got lost along the way and never quite made it here
So we sit with sweating hands in the pouring rain
Continuing to scrape with our stomachs grumbling

All this petty squabbling among the powers that preside
In the midst of a tragedy still growing in size

How many square inches are left to clean
In 550 miles of this blackened coastline
Fingerfull by fingerfull we'll persevere
And pick up these 77,000 tons of this enormous tragedy

This can never happen again
Open up your eyes
We'll march to the responsibles
And sing with one voice

Nunca Máis
Never Again
Track Name: for the love of the l*rd
i got your invitation
to dinner on thursday night
send my excuses to the lord
but by then i'll be too far gone to drop by

i'm heading out in the morning
to the other side of this life
to where the evil who dress up
in a suit and a smile reside
i'll write this note and send it off
he'll stand up between courses and confide
in his company that he's been less than good
"even the son of god lets things slide"

and though i still loved him
i put that love up for sale
for a gallon of petrol
to get me started on my way

but you know how i hold on
to the things i give away
but i gotta let this dead love go
this ones driving me insane
but i saw him at the pumps
as i was going up to pay
so i hid and i watched him

forgive me please for my sins
but i didn't realise
that we could leave that place separately or together
and still hold that love inside

but he's up in heaven now
with an angel by his side
and i'm trying to warm my fingers
on these fabled coals of this fabled night
my life of sin and debauchery
will begin with the morrows sunrise
as i leave this life in the ashes
you can see when you look in my eyes
Track Name: someday tonight
and you laid your head on my thigh
and i watched your face flicker in the passing streetlights
and then you held my gaze and you swueezed my hand and said
"tonight, if you don't have any plans"


and the towns gave way to country
and the hills slipped silently by
each one crumbled and fell behind
we hardly even knew they were there
tonight the world outside is just a blur


people like you make me loose control
never stop being you
you deserve to be treated with love and patience and respect
and at home i don't believe you're treated so

you let slip an accent that wasn't yours
but is yours now
someday this'll all fall away and we can fall in love

she'll bring you a bouquet of light
then dissappear right before your eyes
stunned, her voice is the only sound that'll make you rise


Track Name: west cork song
i am warmed by the memory of these magical days
and the people i shared them with lie close to my heart
we learned to nourish ourselves with laughter and harmony
i hope we can share another adventure together soon

everywhere i go and with everything i do
i learn something new
you are my teacher now

this is a land of oppertunity in its purest form
people come out here with an idea and nothing more
we could learn to make our own soup without any recipe
i crave her fruit but enjoy her beauty

everywhere i go and with everything i do
i learn something new
this is my classroom now

we arrive to bread fresh out of the oven
and an energy so warm it could have baked it on the floor
we each took an instrument and played into the night
and as i nodded off to sleep, i heard zoe stir

that was the most beautiful sound of the evening
it nodded me into a sweet sweet dreamy land
which i shared with you all until morning

everywhere i go and with everything i do
i learn something new
you are my teacher now

everywhere i go and with everything i do
i learn something new
this is my classroom now
Track Name: bells of the morning
don't sleep with chocolate on your pillow
or your dreams will be darker than the night
it's not in falling asleep that dreams are made
we'll find them in the bells of the morning

we are our past mistakes
but when we close our eyes
we are king, we are queen, we are rulers arm-in-arm
until the bells of the morning

let me wipe that tear from off your cheek
i want you to be as happy as your eyes
and i'll tell that story one more time
if at the end, you'll offer me a smile

dreams come easy to the glassy eyed
roaming around the world with a song
but love bears the weight of a thousand million words
ringing out until the bells of the morning

we are children, broke before tomorrow
with just enough to spoil ourselves today
we lie peaceful, under a veil of heavenly light
listening to the bells of the morning

let me wipe that tear from off your cheek
i want you to be as happy as your eyes
and i'll tell that story one more time
if at the end, you'll offer me a smile
Track Name: rue de charlotte
this one's for you charlotte...

this one's for you charlotte
but your ears are elsewhere, charlotte
from the corner of harcourt road
and charlotte street
i weep... tears freeze on my cheek,
and in your hair, the air there turned to snow
as you turned to go.

encore une verre du vin, charlotte
et on va danser une valse, toi et moi
on chante brassens et on flotte
sur la rue du charlotte
on parle d'amour dans la neige
la tempete qui tombe comme une passion entre les paroles
et cette passion ne parte jamais, je te jure
mais tu tourne, quand-meme, et tu parte

this one's for you charlotte
but you couldn't be with us tonight
so i sing to the glass in my hand
and hear your voice from behind

tu dit qu'on n'existe pas, que cette rue n'est pas vraiment la
une larme reste dans ma voix, charlotte, quand je tourne aux yeux ferme
aux mains tremblement avec une reve sur ma langue pour charlotte
de l'espoir, d'avenir, d'une vie parfaite
may i have this dance charlotte?

this one's for you charlotte
i lay my glass at your feet
and watch it fill with snow
as you turn to go
Track Name: song for rainer
i'm sorry i couldn't hold you
you were a light that helped us grow
i'm sorry you felt alone
what a terrible way to go

i let you down when i gave up
and a light inside you died
i wasn't good company
but still you stuck by my side

cold winter and not a word
then a neighbour let us know
you had slipped off sad and lonely
what a terrible way to go

five weeks asleep in peace
all worries and sadness gone
i hope there's laughter now
i'm sorry you died alone
Track Name: pill song
i want to be as unfalteringly sure about myself
as a river's path through time
i'll close my eyes now and flow

tomorrow can look after tomorrow i'm having fun here
lets stay some more
open up your eyes, aline,
when this bud blooms, it could be love

your home is like a magical wonderland retreat
on the edge of somewhere beautiful
and all that passes through here shines
in the reflection of your smile
you're contageous and i'm high
and i've only just met you!

seeing as though we live so close, open up your window,
this song is for you
but worry not if you're not home yet
i'll sing it to you in the morning

counting cobblestones between your door and mine
the other night, i lost my way
it could have easily been the beer
or my wandering mind

the directions were clear
don't swallow the pills
let them dissolve in your mouth
or they'll never take effect
your smile stayed with me for days
and it stays with me still
you know the spring could be fruitful
and i'd like to be holding you near when its through
Track Name: someone else's problem
sometimes its better not to know where it's coming from
sometimes its better not to ask where its going
we're each just a dot in the big picture and thats the way we like it
it's better not to know

we tell ourselves we couldn't handle the whole story
we ask for the first paragraph and know someone else will then take over
and burning each page when we get to the next, 'til we get to the end
well i'll tell you, in the end we'll all hold hands and burn together
but it's better not to know...

it's better not to know...

sometimes we ask ourselves why are we turning our world into a dump,
turning our key in the ignation, turning away and trying not to look
at the holes burned across the sky to give the sun a better view
of the ice thats slowly drowning us and the cancer that consumes
our small ideas, the corperate mind will never find a sandbag big enough
to stop the flood from taking its life when we all find out
but its better not to know.

so i sit now, watching the tide slowly rise and the sun slowly set
over the gift that we were given but when the wrapping paper was gone
we just kept ripping and ripping
and as the sky sheds its final tear and screams out in vain
i whisper an apology and hope that we can do better next time
but its better not to know.

it's better not to know...
Track Name: that night
that night on the pier, you directed your dream
like an actor, i fell into my role
that beautiful a moment should have happened naturally
but could have happened to no one else but us

hand in hand, then arm in arm
a blanket wrapped around us though the evening was warm
the stars fell in pairs into our arms
and we wished and we wished 'til we were so close that we kissed

that night someone lit a smoke on a candle
an islander was sacrificed for our love
we pushed our beds together and as i lay down beside you
our dreams had become one and would strech on forever

sometimes awake, sometimes still sleeping
i open my eyes, you're beautiful, i'm dreaming
after all of these mornings waking together
i open my eyes and fall in love again

i whisper morning wishes in your ear as you stir
the day will be fine, if it's cold, i'll be there
we'll wrap up warm and it'll all be ok
good morning, je t'aime, welcome to today

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